Fall Wedding Guide

Fall is beautiful in the mountains, and one of the most popular times to get married here! Our weather is best in the fall which also means fall dates book up very quickly, so think ahead as you look at venues. We book up quickly in September and October. The fall leaves start to change at the end of September, so if you are looking for prime gold and red leaves, we suggest early October. Elk season is also very popular in Estes park, since huge herds of elk are spotted everywhere! So tourists often visit to catch a glimpse.

If your wedding is after the time change, plan on your sunset pictures most likely being during dinner, and plan accordingly.  Take advantage of the beautiful fall colors and incorporate them into your wedding through your flowers, table linens, centerpieces, etc. Some fall color combinations we love include sage and rust, burgundy and plum, orange and yellow.

Like all of the seasons here, the weather can change quickly. But at Taharaa Mountain Lodge, you have plenty of backup options! If you decide to do a ceremony outdoors, but it gets too chilly or snows, we can move it to our covered patio space. You still get gorgeous mountain views but in a covered space. 


How to plan for a fall wedding in Estes Park

How to plan for a fall wedding in Estes Park

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Fall Wedding Guide for Estes Park

Fall Wedding Guide for Estes Park

Winter Wedding Guide 

Even though Winter is colder here, it is a popular time to get married in Estes Park! Especially if you are looking for beautiful snowfall. December – February makes for a perfect winter wedding. Even if there isn’t snow on your wedding day, you are sure to have a perfect snow-capped mountain backdrop. Our venue also makes sure that you can enjoy both the outdoors and indoors! You can have your ceremony and reception indoors, but still, go outside for portraits. If you do decide on outdoor pictures, we suggest having a shawl and boots. Even if it’s not snowy, it might be a little muddy.

Taharaa Mountain Lodge is perfect for small weddings and elopements! Guests can stay right on-site, so you don’t have to worry about travel. Since transportation is limited in Estes Park, and we do not have Uber or Lyft, guests normally need to get a rental car. But if you have guests stay at our lodge, they don’t have to worry about driving around!

Winter Wedding Guide for Estes Park Burgundy and navy fall wedding at Taharaa Mountain Lodge Winter Wedding Guide for Estes Park 

Winter Wedding Guide Tips

  • Ask for off-season pricing! Most venues aren’t as busy in the winter, so you can often get a good deal. We offer special rates for both Taharaa Mountain Lodge and Twin Owls Steakhouse for the winter months.
  • The thermometer can say it’s very cold outside, but our Colorado sunshine is always very warm.
  • Fingers crossed you will have a beautiful snowfall as your backdrop.

Planning a wedding in Estes Park in the Fall or Winter? Make sure to reach out today to learn more about hosting your wedding at the Taharaa Mountain Lodge!

Burgundy and navy fall wedding at Taharaa Mountain Lodge Winter Wedding Guide for Estes Park How to plan a wedding in the Fall and Winter in Estes Park


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