Springtime might just be the greatest season that the Rocky Mountains have to offer local Colorado residents and tourists who have traveled from near and far. As the snow begins to melt, rivers and streams swell, wildflowers spring up along well-traveled trails, and wildlife begins to wake up. Visiting Estes Park between April and June? Explore these activities to experience first-hand all the beauty that comes with spring. 

Explore the Road Less Traveled with Sojourner Mountain Guides

This Estes Park guiding company has a knack for getting first-timers out into mother nature for some real adventure. Spring is a great time to climb as the weather is still nice and cool, but most of the snow and ice has melted from local crags. Book a climbing or hiking trip with Sojourner to embrace your inner adventurer. 

Bike Ride Over Trail Ridge Road

Late spring is a great time to embark on one of the most epic bike rides in the U.S. Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in the lower 48 and gives travelers panoramic views of Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes. Riding your bike isn’t for the faint of heart, but rest assured, motorists drive slowly and there’s plenty of space for everyone. 

Ride Horses with National Park Gateway Stables

To experience the Rockies as they were before cars, hop on the back of a horse and giddyup. National Park Gateway Stables are located just outside of the Fall River Entrance of RMNP. Poke along for a short 30-minute ride or commit your whole day to channeling your inner cowgirl or boy. 

Tour the Stanley Hotel

Because Colorado’s weather can turn on a dime, it’s nice to have a backup plan indoors. Take a tour of the historic Stanley Hotel – a fixture in Estes Park. Sip on an old fashioned while bellied up to the bar, listen quietly for otherworldly sounds, or – once the weather turns back to sunshine and clear skies – lounge on the patio and take in the snow dusted Rockies. 

Dress Up and Dine Out at the Twin Owls Steakhouse

Treat yourself to a night on the town by starting with happy hour at Taharaa Mountain Lodge. Clink glasses to a weekend well spent before moseying off to the warm, welcoming dining room of the Twin Owls Steakhouse. Choose a unique wine from the extensive list to pair with a premium filet. A good steak and a glass of wine is just the ticket to an evening well spent. 

A springtime weekend in Estes Park, Colorado boasts countless activities both inside and out. Embrace the beauty of our beloved state and experience first-hand what all the fuss is about. A day in the mountains inspires an appetite – quench yours by dining with us at the Twin Owls Steakhouse. Reserve a table and enjoy coming home to friendly faces and a delicious meal.