How to De-Stress Before Your Wedding 

The weeks leading up to your wedding can be a little stressful. You have details to finalize, and last-minute additions to working out. So it’s essential to find some time to unwind and relax before your wedding day! We want to share a few of our best tips to make sure you are able to de-stress before your wedding day to make sure you are able to enjoy it to its fullest.

Bride and groom portraits at Taharaa Mountain Lodge - destress before your wedding Calm pre-wedding nerves - destress before your wedding

Have your hair and make-up done professionally

One of the most important reasons to book a hair and makeup artist is that you feel much more relaxed on your wedding day. You want to feel beautiful, and look your very best! And hiring a professional team will make the morning go much smoother. They will know how long everything takes, and help you create the perfect timeline for your morning. Plus, it will help the nerves of your bridal party as well, since they will all be able to just relax and enjoy the morning, instead of spending hours on their own hair and makeup! This is your chance to have a little alone time to relax and enjoy being pampered!

Unwind before the wedding - destress before your wedding Professional wedding hair and make-up | destress before your wedding

Get a massage! 

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous before your wedding. So when you arrive in Estes Park, set aside an afternoon to pamper yourself. Get a massage, and even a mani and pedi! You and your partner can spend the day relaxing before the business of the big day arrives. We always tell our couples to arrive a few days before the guests do. That way you have time for just the two of you to relax, before having back-to-back events with guests! If there was ever a time to pamper yourself- this is the time to do it!

Pre-wedding massage | destress before your wedding

Surround yourself with the people most important to you. 

During your wedding weekend, you are going to have a lot of family and friends who want to spend time with you. But it can also be draining! So make sure that you pick the select circle that will get ready with you the morning of the wedding. Let your guests know that they can see you during the reception, and you will be spending the morning with just a few people. You can minimize distractions by referring last-minute questions to your wedding planner and Maid of Honor. This way, everyone knows to text them, and not you! 

Also, it’s important to make sure to find time to connect with your spouse. This day is about the two of you after all! Find time for date nights, a romantic dinner, a movie, or a weekend away. 

Intimate wedding at Taharaa Mountain Lodge | destress before your wedding Pre-wedding pampering Pre-wedding pampering | destress before your wedding

Get a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding.

With all the planning, and possible traveling on your way to get here, make sure to prioritize time to rest! We always suggest to our couples to have the rehearsal dinner earlier in the night, so that you both can go to bed early. The night before your wedding you will both have some jitters! So give yourself plenty of time to settle down and relax. Since we have on-site lodging here at Taharaa Mountain Lodge, you can simply walk to your room after your rehearsal dinner at Twin Owls Steakhouse! This way you don’t have to worry about transportation. 

How to relax the night before your wedding

Do not drink too much alcohol before you walk down the aisle.

You want a clear head for one of the most important days of your life! Since we are at a higher altitude, you may feel the effects of alcohol kick in quicker. So make sure to drink plenty of water, and keep any mimosas to a minimum. If you still want to join in on some fun, opt for a mocktail!

How to destress before your wedding How to destress before your wedding

Here at Taharaa Mountain lodge, we aim to make sure your wedding day and entire wedding weekend goes off without a hitch. We are here to help you every step of the way. From the wedding planning process to the moment you dance into your reception, we are here to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. If you are looking to plan your upcoming event here at Taharaa Mountain lodge, get in touch! We would love to hear what you have planned and see if we would be the perfect venue to host your big day!


Photographer: McKenzie Bigliazzi Photography