Enchanting May Elopement at Taharaa Mountain Lodge

In the picturesque month of May 2023, love soared to new heights as Yvette and Craig united in a heartwarming elopement style ceremony at out outdoor wedding pergola and intimate enclosed deck space. This enchanting event is featured below through the lens of Sharee Davenport Photography, capturing the couple's special [...]


Rainy September Wedding in the Mountains of Estes Park

Every couple dreams of their wedding day being filled with sunshine and clear skies, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Picture this: a rainy September day at the picturesque Taharaa Mountain Lodge, where the mountains are veiled in mist and the air is filled with romance. While rain may [...]


The Twin Owls Dining Experience

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Estes Park, Colorado, Twin Owls Steakhouse stands as a culinary gem that promises an extraordinary dining experience. Renowned for its exceptional service, delectable cuisine, and unique ambiance, this restaurant has earned its place as a must-visit destination for steak enthusiasts and food lovers alike. [...]


Experience Summer Bliss at Taharaa Mountain Lodge: A Retreat in Nature

Estes Park is a magical place to visit year round, however, the summer months have a wonder about them that draws people from all over to our valley. Our lodge is more than a lodge. We are a family and opening our doors and hearts to guests from all over [...]


Elk in Estes Park: Tips for Viewing and Staying Safe

Elk are a common sight in Estes Park, only second, perhaps, to summertime tourists. In fact, it’s estimated that 2,400 elk roam the area, allowing you to catch sight of them from the Taharaa Mountain Lodge, the Kruger Rock Trail, the city streets, and just about anywhere else in town.  [...]


Guided Tours in Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado is a gorgeous destination loved by travelers the world over. Each season, this breathtaking Rocky Mountain town attracts adventure enthusiasts, photographers, birders, and more to explore the bounty that Colorado’s natural environment offers. The following Estes Park tour companies offer unique experiences that are guaranteed to transport [...]


Springtime Activities in the Rocky Mountains

Springtime might just be the greatest season that the Rocky Mountains have to offer local Colorado residents and tourists who have traveled from near and far. As the snow begins to melt, rivers and streams swell, wildflowers spring up along well-traveled trails, and wildlife begins to wake up. Visiting Estes [...]


History of the Twin Owls Steakhouse

Estes Park, Colorado will likely remain one of the best places to visit in our state. As the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, this hub has grown up around mother nature’s most epic landscape. Quaint shops, fun festivals, and awesome restaurants draw tourists to our charming town regardless of the [...]


Sunny Snowy January Wedding in Estes Park

Join us for Brittany and Donald Cinco's bright January Wedding day. Their story began with a FaceTime call through mutual friends.  The call went well and the couple planned a double date where Donald proceeded to stand Brittany up. Despite Brittany's reservations about Donald, she decided to give him a [...]

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