Cindy and Alistair met in law school and started out as best friends. Their friendship blossomed into love and they never looked back. Alistair grew up in Colorado and Utah and has always had a love for the mountains. Cindy, an east-coaster with a knack for adventure, spent many summers in the mountains of Colorado. When Cindy was 19 she inherited her grandmother’s diamond anniversary ring. It sat for years in a safe deposit box. When her parents had to close the account – they reached out with a little nudge and wink to Alistair. Alistair asked Cindy’s father if he could have the ring and have the honor of marrying his daughter. That night (Halloween 2020), Alistair dressed their beloved dog, Thea, for the occasion, hiding the ring under Thea’s costume hat. Thea came out and with a quick shake, revealed the famed Frezzo ring. Alistair and Cindy both said yes and began to plan their wedding and future lives together.

Family Focused Mountain Wedding in Estes Park

The couple spent a month shopping for venues in the front range, including in and around Boulder. But nothing felt quite right. On the last day of their search, they drove up Rte. 36 into Estes Park. As soon as they crested through the mountains and saw the beautiful valley and scenery below, they knew – this was the place. Taharaa had everything they needed: space enough for their immediate families to spend the night, incredible views, and an understated but nevertheless beautiful aesthetic that fit both their styles. 


The theme for their day was good food, fun, and celebrating family. Many of the couple’s loved ones had to cancel their own weddings or celebrations around major life events over the past 2 years due to the pandemic. Their wedding was just as much for our families and friends as it was for them – a revival and celebration of life, love, and happiness. A memorable moment from their day was the first kiss as a married couple, under the chuppah overlooking the mountains and valley below. Alistair also gave a speech at the start of the reception, marking this transition in their lives as the world grew back together out of tragedy, and gave a toast to all of the new babies that had been born since the start of the pandemic. Including a snippet here: “The promise of this day and all the people who have joined us to share in it has helped propel me through a dark night. May we all serve as stars by which one another navigate. May the memory of each other and our shared smiles and laughter serve as flares in darkness, illuminating the path forward. And may we all get some great baby photos.” 

The two loved every minute of it and hope to return to celebrate future anniversaries at Taharaa.

If you are looking for the perfect place to host your upcoming wedding day here in Estes Park, be sure to reach out! We can’t wait to hear what you have planned for your big day, and how we can be part of your special event!



Wedding planner: Prisma Events

Photography: Mackenzi Knight Photography

Desserts: Dolce Sicilia Italian Bakery

Hair + Makeup:  Estes Park Bridal Co